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Food for any occasion

Whether you’re on a vacation or traveling by jet, whether it’s your wedding or an intimate dinner at 8,000ft., we bring highly personalized, flavorful cuisine to your table. With an intense attention to detail, culinary experience from around the world, and the highest quality local ingredients, we’re ready to customize a world-class experience for your unique event. Your next culinary adventure awaits in just a few clicks.

Private parties & events

Let us at Alterra help you plan your next special event. Our experienced team will be there to support you with a full-service experience from start to finish.

Weddings | food & wine pairings | birthday parties | holiday parties | and anything in between..

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dinner party

Private chef services

Our private chef services are a unique opportunity to enjoy high-quality food that fits your lifestyle and palate. We provide in-home cooking for all meals, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Let us take over the responsibility of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up so that you have more time to spend with family and friends.

Family meals | fridge stocking | meal prepping | on-site chef prepared meals

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avocado goat cheese bruschetta

Unique experiences

Whether you’re planning a horseback ride in the backcountry or are going on a snowcat ride, we can complement your adventure with the perfect meal for you.

Heli drop | private jet outing | snowcat ride | horseback ride | four wheeling excursions | and much more...

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dinner on an open fire

Create memories, one meal at a time

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  • pulled beef appetizer
  • eggplant parmesan
  • lobster with asparagus
  • ossobucco
  • gnocchi with parmesan and walnuts
  • burrata with cherry tomatoes
  • seabass and mussels in saffron broth
  • salmon sashimi
  • vegetable carpaccio
  • bruschetta caprese appetizer
  • pork roast with roasted vegetables
  • charcuterie platter
  • eggplant parmesan
  • large charcuterie platter
  • seafood spinach linguini
  • pork roast with kale chips
  • tomato and buratta appetizer
  • avocado and goat cheese bruschetta